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More than ever, thank Mom for all she does

More than ever, thank Mom for all she does

Mother’s Day is going to feel a little different this year to many people across the globe. Perhaps the quarantine is keeping you from being able to visit your mom this year; or maybe you’re lucky enough to have little ones that you get to spend the ENTIRE day with. No matter the circumstances you’re under this year, you can’t help but be extra grateful for everything she is doing during this time.   

As a child, it can be easy to overlook or take advantage of the endless work our mothers put into raising us. For many of us, if isn’t until we become adults or parents ourselves, that we start to just scratch the surface of realizing the amount of love our moms have for us. Although we should celebrate our moms every day, use Mother’s Day as a reminder to cherish the woman who raised you.

Make sure your mom knows just how much she is loved this year with a homemade meal (after all, she made more for you growing up than you could ever count) or a FaceTime date where you stay disconnected from outside life and focus on creating lasting memories with your mom. Ask her about her childhood or her favorite memories with her own mother growing up – questions you may not normally think to ask, but ones that will bring about happy thoughts for the both of you. If you can’t be with her in person, send her a heartfelt letter or a bouquet of her favorite flowers – she will be grateful just to know you are thinking about her.

If you’re celebrating with your own kids, spend the day focusing on the immense love you have for each other. Take the time to feel the love in the words they say to you, the presents they bring you, and the snuggles they give you. Though it may not feel like it at times, they honor and adore you more than you could ever know. You are absolutely irreplaceable in their eyes.

Mother’s Day brings a precious reminder of the love that fills us every day, no matter how close or far we may be. Whether you’re missing your mom or thankful to spend the day with her, allow yourself to deeply feel the love this Mother’s Day.