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Turquoise - One of a Kind Collection

Turquoise - One of a Kind Collection

The Healing Powers of Turquoise

When you hear the word, you might immediately think of the beautiful blue of a still ocean with a layer of green sea foam floating on top. Or maybe you picture the timeless ring your grandmother wore that has been passed down through generations in your family. No matter what, the mention of the precious stone seems to always invoke a feeling of tranquillity, and once you learn a little more about the healing qualities of it, you’ll understand why.
The history of turquoise is humbling. This stone was praised by ancient world leaders. For thousands of years B.C. it was believed to hold immortality powers, connecting the worlds between heaven and earth. An Apache legend has it that if you find the end of a rainbow, you’ll find a turquoise gem embedded into the earth. From early on in it’s discovery, turquoise has been used in jewelry as a way to ward off danger. When the stone would crack, as it had a tendency to do, the wearer would swear that the stone was absorbing what, otherwise, would have been a harmful situation.


Although the main benefits of owning a turquoise stone may no longer involve immortality, it’s still an essential piece to have in your collection. The stone radiates high healing energy and is still heavily used in meditation and healing practices today. Turquoise is used in Chinese feng shui traditions to attract positive energy. When the stone is placed in the Eastern part of a room, good health and well-being is openly invited into your space. They hold detoxifying properties that can treat immune, respiratory, and cardiac conditions, among other issues like exhaustion and inflammation.
Next time you meditate, use a turquoise stone, and feel the protective barrier surround you. You can repeat the affirmation “I am healed,” if it aligns with your meditation style. Feel your energy centers realigning while you clear the path to a higher consciousness. Wear the stone every day to ward off negative energy and keep you in good health.