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Opals Iridescent Shimmer & Opulence

Opals Iridescent Shimmer & Opulence


Are you feeling happy that it’s fall? Are you excited to break out a new pair of boots, throw on a comfortable sweater and slip on that new ring that glows just right in the flame of an autumn campfire?  

No matter your mood, the opal has you covered. Said to reflect the temperament of its wearer, one can easily find peace studying its milky, translucent and many-hued patterns.  

It’s no wonder the October birthstone is also said to bring its wearer imagination, inspiration, originality and creativity—and even bring out the wearer’s true personality. Some use the stone to induce mystical and psychic visions, and to release inhibitions. If that wasn’t enough, the stone also shines with healing powers: kidneys, blood and insulin are steadied by its energy.  

In an October ode to the magnificent opal, Nancy Nelson Jewelry is highlighting its new Opal Twig Ring and Peruvian Opal Bracelet.

Working with a stone as magical as an opal, we made the Opal Twig Ring by cradling and cupping the opaque stone within a delicate sterling silver twig that gently molds the finger and gives rise to the stone’s luminescence. And because one opal sometimes isn’t enough, we created our new Peruvian Opal Bracelet that features a series of stones that glitter in the sunlight, and is guaranteed to bring a glimmer to your eyes. 

If you feel you have missed out on all the wonders contained in these tiny natural treasurers, we encourage you to try one on for size. The beauty reflects on you.

Written by Pepper VanTassell