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Celebrating Mother Earth

Celebrating Mother Earth

Without its air, we couldn’t breathe.

Without its water, we couldn’t live.

Without its spinning, we wouldn’t stay.

Without its land, we’d have to leave.

Earth keeps us. She holds us tight, warms us, gives us drink, tucks us to bed, and wakes us to do it over again. For the planet that’s known us all since the day we were born, on Earth Day—and every day—we need to show Mother Earth some love.

At Nancy Nelson Jewelry, we see her shade-swept trails, trickling creeks and rippling lakes as inspiration. We take her beauty and wrap it into her resources—making molds from her leaves and honey combs, and stringing necklaces and bracelets with her precious stones.

It’s an honor to imitate nature’s art through jewelry, and with that comes a responsibility to support Earth’s sustenance. Nancy Nelson Jewelry is proud to donate monthly to charities that work to heal our planet, including American Forests, a nonprofit dedicated to conserving our world's trees and forests, and Bee Informed Partnership, a nationwide collaboration of beekeepers studying honey bee declines. These groups receive donations through the sale of our nature-inspired collection, including our Bee Love Jewelry and tree-textured cuffs.

As we get deep in dirt this Earth Day--planting trees and flowers, or enjoying a romp through the woods or warming streams—we hope you’ll find time to reflect on all that Earth has given us, and all we’ve taken from her.

“A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.” – Henry David Thoreau

Written by Pepper Van Tassell