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Celebrating 10 years of Handcrafted & American Made

Celebrating 10 years of Handcrafted & American Made

Ten years ago, I created my first collection and launched Nancy Nelson Jewelry. They were humble beginnings - as the business grew and thrived, I hired an assistant, and built a home studio nestled in the woods to accommodate our growing needs that allowed me to balance my many responsibilities as a wife, mother and business owner, while remaining inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds our forest home.

I find inspiration for each piece in the beauty that surrounds my home and community in the Appalachian Mountains. I’ve always had an appreciation for nature, and I work to expose my children to its many wonders. When I see wonder and awe in the eyes of my children as we skip over stones, or kick through the leaves on one of our many outdoor adventures, it gives me a renewed sense of joy and gratitude, which I pass on through my jewelry.

I’ve been an artist my entire life, and the change of seasons never ceases to spark new ideas and more creative energy. Nature is fuel for my designs, and its energy guides every stone I select, and every leaf I cast. The items I use in my collection are often gathered on walks with my children, and I present them with the care and curiosity I find in their natural beauty.

Inspired by detail and beauty, each birch bark, twig, pinecone, lichen or botanical leaf is hand-picked for its perfect size and weight, and are made directly into molds to preserve its delicate, natural designs. Molds are then cast in metal using the lost-wax technique and transformed into jewelry.  

I'm passionate about creating jewelry with an emphasis on quality, style, sustainability and integrity, while mindfully holding onto my authentic roots as a designer. I want each piece of jewelry to tell a story and to become a cherished heirloom for generations. Protecting Mother Earth is a cause very dear to me so I place high standards on sourcing ethically-mined stones, and using recycled metal when possible. We create jewelry with low impact, environmentally conscious practices. We also give back to some organizations that work to preserve nature.  A portion of all our woodland jewelry sales is donated to American Forests, which helps protect and restore forests worldwide.