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Libra Season

Libra Season

Welcome to Libra Season!


It’s finally time for all you Libras to shine. If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, that includes you. Libras have traits that many other signs envy, as it seems like they have the secrets to life figured out. Libras are the true charmers of all the signs.

 This is the season of equilibrium and balance. Libras thrive off of stability in their everyday lives, especially with their significant other. Finding love in a Libra can be intoxicating because they are basically experts on the subject. The sign is, after all, ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Libras hate being single and alone; they will always prioritize having a partner above anything else. They put their full dedication into every relationship and work hard to keep their partner happy.

Sometimes Libras can get too consumed by putting their all into these relationships that they lose themselves. They find it hard to have a true, clear identity because it’s always shifting depending on who their partner is at the time. Because of this, they find it uncomfortable spending time alone, but they’ll never find their true self if they don’t make this a priority.

Libras are also a particularly creative sign. They will find strong careers in arts and design, as they have a huge imagination. This typically allows for a flexible schedule, which is great for this sign because they prefer some room for change. Regardless of what field a Libra finds a career, their creativity will help them excel at solving problems in a new light.

This sign has a very clear sense of right and wrong in any situation. This makes it a bit easier for Libras to keep their relationship harmonious, than others who may struggle with that gray area. They prefer to keep things calm and honest, so it’s natural for them to typically make the right choice. Libras will do anything they can to avoid conflict and keep the peace. 

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