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What's Your Tree Zodiac Sign?

What's Your Tree Zodiac Sign?

The Celtic Astrology is a 13-sign Zodiac where each month is represented by a tree sign. tree.  Not only did they intensely observe nature on Earth, but they also looked to the skies and noted that the movement of the moon also played a vital part in shaping our unique characteristics. Therefore, this astrology is based around a lunar calendar. This means that there are 13 Tree Zodiac signs rather than the 12 identified in standard Western astrology (the moon has 13 yearly phases). People born during the days ruled by a specific tree tend to exhibit characteristics associated with that tree.

·        Birch, the Achiever (Dec. 24 – Jan. 20)
You are said to be highly motivated people who love to take chances and achieve their life goals. You are always striving for more and are often natural-born leaders. You like to motivate others with your drive and ambition.

·        Rowan, the Thinker (Jan. 21 – Feb. 17)
You are very passionate and creative, with a philosophical mind. You often find yourself misunderstood by others who don’t quite understand your imaginative ideas, and this can make you slightly distant. Your inner passion motivates you, you are influential in a quiet, less obvious way and people admire you for your unique qualities.

·        Ash, the Enchanter (Feb. 18 – March 17)
You are naturally artistic people. People around you are inspired by your artistic talent, not just in pieces of art, but in your writing and scientific mind. You are very inspired and in-touch with nature. People often mistake you for being slightly reclusive, however, this is not the case as you are simply in your own world full of free thinking, vision and design.

·        Alder, the Trailblazer (March 18 – Apr. 14)
You are a sociable, confident person with many friends. Your passion and charm means you find it easy to get along with everybody, no matter what their personality. Everybody enjoys your company, your confidence and self-assurance are prominent and people love this about you. Your pet hate is wasting time!

·        Willow, the Observer (Apr. 15 – May 12)
You are thought to have strong psychic abilities. These people are incredibly intuitive and can often sense things or pick up on situations that other people cannot. You are intelligent, creative and patient, with a natural ability to retain knowledge to share with others.

·        Hawthorn, the Illusionist (May 13 – June 9)
You surprise us! They may not always be what they seem or behave how you expect them to be, teaching us to never judge a book by its cover. You will be a fantastic listener and have a natural curious side to you, keeping you interested in a wide range of topics. You are good at adapting to change and seeing the wider picture in life.

·        Oak, the Stabilizer (June 10 – July 7)
You are incredibly wise, with amazing strength and ability to cope with situations others would not be able to handle. You are nurturing, generous and helpful towards others, and are often known as a gentle giant! You always have a positive perspective on life, believing that everything will work out for the best. Oak Tree’s often make wonderful teachers for their ability to share their knowledge and strength with others.

·        Holly, the Ruler (July 8 – Aug. 4)
You love a challenge and take on obstacles with ease and are usually are in positions of leadership or power.  Confident in your abilities, you can sometimes be mistaken for arrogant. You are also someone who is extremely intelligent and generous, people look up to you!

·        Hazel, the Knower (Aug. 5 – Sept. 1)
You are naturally intelligent and have excelled academically throughout your life. Your excellent memory is one of your strongest skills as you can accurately recall subjects you have memorized with ease! You have a great eye for detail which you have to keep in check as this can easily become compulsive. You are always organized and are exceptionally skilled with numbers and analytics.

·        Vine, the Equalizer (Sept. 2 – Sept. 29)
You are incredibly indecisive but are wonderful at always seeing both sides of the story. You have a taste for the finer things in life and enjoy good food, music, and art. You love luxury! You also have natural poise and charm.

·        Ivy, the Survivor (Sept. 30 – Oct. 27)
You are known for your compassion and loyalty to others. You make a good friend and are always there for those you care about. You can find life difficult at times, however, you have a great ability for overcoming the odds. You are in touch with your spiritual side and are likely to be passionate about your faith.

·        Reed, the Inquisitor (Oct. 28 – Nov. 24)
You love to investigate! You are someone who loves to search for hidden truths and are not satisfied until you find the answer, digging deep to find the real meaning behind situations. You must be careful not to be drawn into idle gossip and scandals because you love a story and a bit of excitement.

·        Elder, the Seeker (Nov. 25 – Dec. 23)
You are outspoken and are known for speaking their minds. You live life to the fullest and are seen as a thrill seeker, living life in the fast lane. Deep down, you are thoughtful and philosophical beneath the wild exterior. You are considerate of others and strive to help those in need.

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