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Now more than ever we need to Connect to Nature

Now more than ever we need to Connect to Nature

5 ways to Connect to Nature while social distancing.

They say you don’t truly miss something until it’s gone.  During this time of being quarantined at home, it can be easy to feel disconnected from nature. You miss feeling the sun on your skin or the breeze blowing through your hair – everyday things that you normally don’t take the time to notice.  Your social gatherings at your local beaches, lakes, ski resorts and community parks have all been postponed.  All this uncertainty for the future is unsettling and scary.  This period of isolation can start to take its toll on your mental well-being and make you go a little stir crazy. While we are meant to be social distancing ourselves from the outside world right now, there are still some ways to keep your inner-self connected with nature.

  1. Have a cup of coffee (or journal, read, or meditate) outside when you first wake up. Having this breath of fresh air first thing in the morning will start your day off with a positive mindset. For those who don’t have this availability, open the largest window in your house and just sit by it, allowing the fresh air to flow in.
  2. If you’re working from home, work by a window with good lighting. This can be the perfect way to keep your Vitamin D levels up and avoid that artificial-light mood crash.
  3. Take a small walk. Your dog will have to go potty at some point, right? Even if you don’t have a pet to take out, just find an isolated trail and do a quick lap, avoiding coming into contact with others.
  4. Create a garden inside your home with your favorite flowers, herbs or vegetables.  Feel the dirt on your hands and the smell of the fragrance.  If you have children, this could be a fun project to share together.
  5. Right now is a very important time to take care of your body by eating healthy. Eating fruits and vegetables will not only help you bond with nature, but it’ll boost your immune system and overall mood.

When all is said and done, I hope we each have a new understanding and appreciation for our beautiful planet. Mother Earth can truly humble us when humanity starts to believe they are superior to her. This is her world – we’re just living in it.