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If you were lucky enough to be born between February 18th and March 20th than you should be proud to be a Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Because they’re the last sign and belong to the Water family, Pisceans have one of the deepest energies. They inherit every lesson learned by the signs before them, good and bad, so they feel every emotion intensely. This causes them to be the most compassionate and empathetic beings. They’re always willing to listen without judgment and put themselves into your shoes to truly understand what you’re going through.

You may find yourself easily connecting with a Pisces from the first moment you meet them. They have a special trait in making other feels comforted around them. You’ll quickly realize how faithful of a person they are without ever having to question it. Your needs will always come before their own.

Anyone who knows a Pisces would describe them as an old soul. The experience they gained from all the other signs creates a huge imagination that is always looking for the next adventure. It’s hard to tie a Pisces down and keep them in one place for a long time. Hence symbolized by The Fish, this sign never slows down enough to stop “swimming.” They channel this energy through creativity, many times finding careers in the arts or music.

A Pisces’ sensitivity to emotions can hinder their ability to see things clearly. They view the world in a romanticized way, through rose-colored glasses and find the good in everyone. When things go wrong, they often react in an extreme way. Sometimes, they’ll try to walk away from a situation rather than face it head on and find a solution. Other times, especially in a toxic relationship, they can become attached and codependent. It is important for a Pisces to always remember to stay level-headed and grounded when making an important decision.

Pisces are the most caring souls of every sign, and their strong emotions are a true blessing. The world would be a better place if we all could find as much empathy as a Pisces.